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Pelvic floor physiotherapy for women & men

Pelvic floor muscles are key role players in bladder, bowel function, sexual intercourses, organ support & lower back, SI joint stability. They are also a part of the core (the abs are not the only ones !)

Through our sessions I will evaluate all of these parts. Common problems are tension, lack of coordination and weakness. 


The aim will be to restore your function through exercices, education & therapy.

Problems treated: Urinary & bowel issues, painful sexual intercourse, surgery rehab, pre/postnatal, pelvic pain, incontinence, dyspareunia, diastasis recti, organ prolapse, problems related to PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, etc.

Get a free 10 minute call to learn more!


$130 at Clinique Rosemont (2541 boulevard Rosemont)

$160 (in home service) 

Duration: 50 mins

Insurance receipt available

What to expect at your pelvic floor physiotherapy appointment

1. Every physiotherapy visit begins with a subjective assessment.

You will be asked questions so  i can understand your reasons for consultation, your current state of health, your medical history and your goals.

2. A musculoskeletal examination is necessary to assess your posture, breathing pattern, your back and hip mobility, muscle tension, flexibility, etc.

3. An internal pelvic floor exam is often necessary in order to evaluate the internal musculature of the pelvis, the positioning of the organs and the management of the abdominopelvic pressure.

This internal examination can be done vaginally and/or anally. 

Your consent is important, I will explain carefully each steps to you.

**If you are not comfortable doing this exam, it is possible to do it externally with less precision. 

**There is no contraindication to doing this examination during menstruation.


(438) 764-9725 


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